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Monday, April 10, 2006

Big Love - spoilers, praise and hyperbole abound

Bearing in mind that I've already claimed that Lost, Invasion, and the Sopranos (and about 5 other shows... Pasadena, anyone?) to be the greatest show on television, was I the only one who was blown away by tonights episode of Big Love?

All the reviews said that tonight, episode five - "Affair," was when the show really started getting good. Now, I thought that the first four episodes were very good. Besides incredible acting (especially from Amanda Seyfried aka the "I can tell the weather with my boobs" girl in Mean Girls), Big Love managed to make almost an entire program fascinating simply through preoccupation with domestic logistics: who does the laundry? who cooks? whose turn is it to sleep with Bill?
At first tonights episode seemed mostly the same old. A couple minor characters began sparring with each other, some threatening phone calls were made, and Bill began fucking Barb out of order. Then the last ten minutes turned amazing.
Chloe Sevigny's Nicki suddenly, as the boys say, grew a pair and showed that maybe she's not Roman's Pawn/sexual plaything afterall. This was followed by the most bizarrely touching family scene I think I've ever seen, when Nicki announced her plan to have another baby (did anyone else think she was going to suggest a fourth wife?)

So Nicki appears to be almost as Machiavellian a schemer as Al Swearengen on Deadwood. Let the battle of the boss ladies begin.

PS. Can I ruin Lilo and Stitch for you? You know Rhonda, Roman's creepy fourteen year old wife? That's Lilo. Yep. I warned you.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Clerks II Trailer

Looks amazing. Or I wouldn't waste you're and my time with it.

Now, I thought Clerks 1 was slow and overrated, but I loved Dogma and thought Jay & Silent Bob was... decent at 1 AM on HBO 5. The thing I'm most looking forward to in this movie, though, is Kevin Weisman. He's the guy making fun of Star Wars. You might recognize him as the best character on Alias (before all it's characters turned into stale one notes in a less and less plausible world with less and less plausible excuses for Jennifer Garner to to dress like a hooker). Side notes aside, the guy is an amazingly talented comic actor, and I can't wait to see him get a little big screen face time.

The Simpsons: Bigger, Longer, and Uuncut - Mmmm, popcorn: A 'Simpsons' film in '07

Now, this could either be amazing or awful. The Simpsons has fallen on hard times of late (I stopped watching after about the fourth "_____ becomes a cop" episode) . Well, hard times as in, fans have now given it's throne to Family Guy/South Park, not that Bart and company aren't still raking in the dough.

Speaking of South Park, I can't wait to see more of Darth Chef.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Schindler's List: Uncircumcised

This is offensive.
Hillariously offensive. Now that I don't have to worry about college admissions people visiting and looking for something witty, I can post low-brow humor like this.
even if it seems offensive, the best joke is at the very end.

Thank you, B-squad, for making my day.