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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

X-Men 3:Taking the Metaphor One Step Too Far?

In case you're not attuned to this sort of thing, the whole X-men franchise is one big gay metaphor. Think about it: When a disperate group of individuals across all races, religions, nations and classes discover, during puberty, that they're different from everyone around them, even their families, and that they're hated and misunderstood (and consistently denied Best Picture at the Oscars) by the world at large, they form an insular community and wear leather pants together.
Oh, and they fight evil, too, but mostly amongst themselves.

Thus far, the film series, helmed by homo Bryan Singer, has deftly carried this metaphor without making it overly queer, I mean clear, by making it relevant to all of minorities and misfits (like say comic nerds... Or digg users).

If you watch the new trailer, though, X-men appears to have taken it over the edge.
The plot appears to revolve around a cure for mutants, a way to make them normal humans and the characters struggles with whether they want to be cured or feel they have a disease at all.
This question is pretty unique to the gay community. I mean, there's never been a pill purporting to cure Trekkies and Linux users have never tried aversion therapy to convert themselves back to Windows.
Besides the fact that an action movie about medical ethics seems kind of lame, anything this entrenched in metaphor feels, well, stupid. Actually the new director, breeder Brett Ratner or Rush Hours 1 & 2 and After the Sunset, is widely rumored to have ruined it anyway. This is all a shame, because the first two X-men were excellent films.


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