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Monday, March 06, 2006

Great News! (Not an Oscar Post)

So, I know it's my job, as one of the plethora of gay/movie bloggers to talk about a certain award not being given to a certain film last night, but I'm burned out and like I said, I have fan-fucking-tastic news.

I got my first acceptance letter, today. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen (and Felicity), I officially got into college. I won't say where just yet (don't want to jinx the other six I'm waiting on) but like I said, fan-fucking-tastic!

OK, there was actually good news about the Oscars, too. That was, of course, Jon Stewart who was an amazing host. So good that I stole his material. What's more, I was able to convince a group of otherwise non-Oscar watchers to come have a very successful Oscar party last night, which would not have occurred without Jon as bait.
You can go read everyone else wail about Brokeback, if you need a downer.


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