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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I'm lost.... err back

Yeah, so I was almost considering quitting the blog, but then after watching tonights episode of Lost, I was like, this is why I love television, and try to blog about loving television.
Anyway: At this point you 1) already watch Lost religiously and saw tonights amazing episode 2) are planning to download tonights amazing episode or 3) don't watch Lost and would therefore be completely mystified by tonights, you guessed it, amazing episode. Tonights episodes was so good that if you fall into category 3, you should go rent/download season 1 and and the beginning of this season, even sitting through the slow/less-than-perfect episodes, in order to understand why tonights episodes was so perfect.

It did everything we love about Lost and more. Major plot and character developments, numerology and symbology, symbolism, it opened the door to new mysteries (Thailand? THAILAND? not to mention the parachute!!!), several major mysteries, while not exactly solved have been carried through, and I don't even know what else to say. Clearly I'm creaming myself with excitement.

Watch Lost! And Big Love and the Sopranos. RIP Arrested Development.

It's great to be back.

Monday, March 13, 2006

On Vacation

So, I'm going to Spain tomorrow, so do not expect a new post for about a week and a half.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Daily Show Fans/Cheap Jews Rejoice

In one of their first deviations from their major pricing plans, and one of their cleverest plans ever, iTunes is now selling a "multipass" for the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. What that means is for 9.99$, you get 16 episodes automatically downloaded to your computer. That's 62 cents an episode, compared to 1.99 to buy them individually. It's almost like a video podcast except you pay for it.

Another interesting thing to note, for those with an eye on new iPod rumors; the show is in widescreen.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


While we're on the subject of comic book movie trailors, anyone else thing the new Superman trailer is trying to play up the Jesus parallel?

X-Men 3:Taking the Metaphor One Step Too Far?

In case you're not attuned to this sort of thing, the whole X-men franchise is one big gay metaphor. Think about it: When a disperate group of individuals across all races, religions, nations and classes discover, during puberty, that they're different from everyone around them, even their families, and that they're hated and misunderstood (and consistently denied Best Picture at the Oscars) by the world at large, they form an insular community and wear leather pants together.
Oh, and they fight evil, too, but mostly amongst themselves.

Thus far, the film series, helmed by homo Bryan Singer, has deftly carried this metaphor without making it overly queer, I mean clear, by making it relevant to all of minorities and misfits (like say comic nerds... Or digg users).

If you watch the new trailer, though, X-men appears to have taken it over the edge.
The plot appears to revolve around a cure for mutants, a way to make them normal humans and the characters struggles with whether they want to be cured or feel they have a disease at all.
This question is pretty unique to the gay community. I mean, there's never been a pill purporting to cure Trekkies and Linux users have never tried aversion therapy to convert themselves back to Windows.
Besides the fact that an action movie about medical ethics seems kind of lame, anything this entrenched in metaphor feels, well, stupid. Actually the new director, breeder Brett Ratner or Rush Hours 1 & 2 and After the Sunset, is widely rumored to have ruined it anyway. This is all a shame, because the first two X-men were excellent films.

Monday, March 06, 2006

I feel sick - Travolta returning to musical films with 'Hairspray'
As Edna; the role played by Divine in the 1st film and Harvey Firestein on Broadway. I feel dirty now.

This can only go two ways:
1. It's his token great part of the decade
2. Becomes the single most derided casting mistake of the decade.

YouTubing the Oscars

ohnotheydidnt: Links to Oscar Videos
In case you missed any of the good bits while trying to explain to your neophyte friends just what it was that a producer does.

Yes, my friends are that bad.

Great News! (Not an Oscar Post)

So, I know it's my job, as one of the plethora of gay/movie bloggers to talk about a certain award not being given to a certain film last night, but I'm burned out and like I said, I have fan-fucking-tastic news.

I got my first acceptance letter, today. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen (and Felicity), I officially got into college. I won't say where just yet (don't want to jinx the other six I'm waiting on) but like I said, fan-fucking-tastic!

OK, there was actually good news about the Oscars, too. That was, of course, Jon Stewart who was an amazing host. So good that I stole his material. What's more, I was able to convince a group of otherwise non-Oscar watchers to come have a very successful Oscar party last night, which would not have occurred without Jon as bait.
You can go read everyone else wail about Brokeback, if you need a downer.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Natalie Portman on SNL

Another fine production from the people who brought you "Lazy Sunday."

Via Lost Remote

Real journalist calls fake journalist 'fake journalist'

I have a headache, now:
The newspaper columnist with the TV show about the media interviewed a TV reporter, then the fake news show featured that interview, and the real show about the media showed the fake news show's feature and responded to it on a real news show.
Lost Remote: Real journalist calls fake journalist 'fake journalist'

Saturday, March 04, 2006

the Simpsons: LIve Action

PS: Now that you've watched an entertaining video, I'd like to apologize for not posting all week. My dog passed away, and I've been trapped in finals week hell. This week I have more finals and then next week I'll be going to EspaƱa for spring break, so don't expect a lot for a while. I'll try to get my next podcast profile up and definately have something to say about that awards show tomorrow, but realistically, if it doesn't have to do with vectors, WWI or uses of the subjunctive, then I'm probably too busy for it. Once I'm back from Spain, though, I promise to kick it into high gear.