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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Wednesday Night Triple Threat: Update

So, I caught my three shows last night. Pretty much everything I wrote last night has to be revised, though.
Lost - totally amazing now that it's getting away from the mid-season lameness (certain deaths, a certain overhyped flashback episode, that stage I went through where I was complete Lost nerd and studied it for I-Ching connections)
It is still totally amazing, but I've relapsed into Lost nerddom. Not so far that I'm listening to the sycophantic podcasts again, but J.M. Berger at Egoplex pointed me in the direction of some really interesting theories that I just wasted an hour and a half reading.
Invasion - I think I've already mentioned that it's my favorite show ever
Last night's episode was mediocre. Although it usually does a great job of introducing characters and plot elements in episodes prior to their relevance, it brought some stuff out of left field that, without spoiling, really ought to have been mentioned.
This is one of my pet peeves, classically embodied by an episode of Full House where a best friend was written in for that Olsen girl only so that she could be sad that her best friend (who, in addition to never appearing on the show before, never appeared again) was moving away.
And although Invasion usually uses it's aliens as metaphors to great effect, the puberty metaphor was just tacky. On top of all that, most of the episode was predictable, too. Not cool Invasion.
On the other hand, the preview of next weeks episode looked amazing. There is still hope.
Project Runway - My guilty pleasure... If Nick doesn't win I will be very sad. I seem to be the only person who hates Daniel Vosevic and a lot of his dresses.
While I was gratified by Dan V's runway chewing out, it was all for naught since Nick was eliminated. And they kept Santino's ugly ass, falling apart jumpsuit. A jumpsuit. It looked like dirty long underwear. Which is worse, dressing a girl in long underwear that highlights her every flaw or making a slick suit but picking bad fabric?

PS. Welcome Modfabbers. Non modfabbers follow that link, then vote for me (I'm #11)


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