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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Viking Youth Power Hour: Podcast Profile #1

As Promised, earlier this week, this is the first in a series of Podcast Profiles.

First up is the Viking Youth Power Hour. The Viking Youth's are a group of guys in Chicago who get together on a regular basis to drink, smoke, and discuss philosophy. Recent topics include UFOs, Aliester Crowley, LSD, Robot Intelligence, and Hunter S. Thompson. As you can tell, they're a little out there. They're absurdly smart and interesting, and occasionally very funny.
They do tend to intersperse their show with painfully bad techno (which I fast forward through) and they think LSD is a spiritual experience, which is a little bit odd, but I tend to ignore they're flaws because they're so interesting. It's kinda hard to describe, you really ought to go listen.

They're website is here or you can subscribe in iTunes.

Next week, I'll profile Yeast Radio.


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