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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

TV: Triple Threat Night

Depending on how you look at it, Wednesday is either the best or the worst night of the week. See here's how it goes.

8 PM (Chicago Time) - Lost - totally amazing now that it's getting away from the mid-season lameness (certain deaths, a certain overhyped flashback episode, that stage I went through where I was complete Lost nerd and studied it for I-Ching connections)
9 PM - Invasion - I think I've already mentioned that it's my favorite show ever
10 PM - Project Runway - My guilty pleasure, the one I gave up Desperate Housewives for. If Nick doesn't win I will be very sad. I seem to be the only person who hates Daniel Vosevic and a lot of his dresses.

Plus free bonus:
11 PM - Cartoons on either comedy central or Adult Swim. There's always some nice Combination
12 midnight - Daily Show and Colbert

That's a solid three hours of television plus the extra two I tack on at the end when I'm not tired (I am tired)
Now, I could indulge fully, watch all my shows, make ABC happy and my math teacher mad. Or I could skip lost, and buy it legally, or I could skip Invasion and steal it (I could steal Lost, but since I can buy it, I feel obligated to) and Runway I can theoretically catch in reruns, although I've been saying that about last years finally all year and I still haven't seen it.


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