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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Holiday Movies: The Queer Perspectives

About a month ago, I made a few posts about the rash of queer characters in upcoming movies. I have since seen several of them. This post is solely on that aspect of the films, and not full reviews, which may or may not come later.

The Good
Brokeback Mountain and The Producers.
You and I and pretty much everyone within 100 miles of a cineplex is sick of hearing about Brokeback breaking down boundaries and stereotypes so I'll skip that part. The over the top satire of Gay stereotypes in the Producers brought me so close to wetting myself that I had to skip the next song to run to the bathroom. Beginning with Roger Bart's minute-long sibilant S, and going straight (no pun intended) through to the conga line with Village People look-alikes, Bart, Gary Beach dressed as the Christler Building, a flannel wearing lesbian, and Matthew Broderick looking confused about where that feather boa came from, the "Keep it Gay" number stole the show.

The Bad & The Ugly
I hated the queens in The Family Stone, though. As Sarah Jessica Parker so deftly points out in this awfully unfunny film, as if being gay weren't enough, the two gay characters are also black and deaf, respectively, and subjected to a climactic scene of look-how-much-we-like-gay-people liberal preachiness that would have made me hurl had Diane Keaton, the films real Queen, not been on hand.
In contrast, every other member of the Stone Clan is white, straight, & hearing.


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