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Friday, January 06, 2006

Gay Son: "I'm Not Just the Gay Son"

The Book of Daniel
One Line Summary: Six Feet Under with Priests.
One Line Review: Smarter than Desperate Housewives, More Jesus than Chronicles of Narnia, More Cliches than a Friends Marathon. B

So, I'm fresh off the midseason premiere of Book of Daniel, the new NBC show about a pill-popping priest, played by Aidan Quinn, his cliched & kookie family, and his chitchats with Jesus when he's high. It's pretty standard soap-opera fair, and no stereo-type goes unused. Grace, the priests daughter, is pretty much a ringer for Claire on Six Feet Under, Peter, the gay son [who gives a speech about how he's not just the gay son, to try to convince us that he's not just the gay son] also has a Six Feet Under doppleganger, and the third son is a crazy Asian, just for variety.

The plot gets pretty twisty pretty quickly, in pretty typical soap opera style ("My husband wasn't sleeping with her, I was." etc etc etc) It's not versed in subtlety.

Right now, I'm filing this under guilty pleasure... maybe. As a Rabbi's kid, I can relate to them pretty well; the pressures of the public eye, the weird congregants who won't go away, being shaken down by a Catholic Priest. Just kidding, we Jews know better than to get involved with the CAtholics. Which reminds me, the Jesus scenes suck. They're a tacky way for Quinn to voice his not otherwise inscutable thoughts. I mean Gosh, I would have had no idea he'd be upset that his daughter was arrested for selling pot if he hadn't talked to Jesus about it.

I'll give it 2 more episodes, if the plots keeps pace, they drop the stained glass motif, and Jesus stops looking so dopey, and the crazy Asian keeps taking his shirt off; I'll stick with it. Otherwise, it'll go the way of Threshold before it, a decent premise, promising pilot, but nothing worth sticking with.

PostScript: I totally had this idea before they did. I've been pitching "Nip/Tuck with Rabbis" for years.


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