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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Save bookmarks toolbar real estate with folders - Lifehacker

Save bookmarks toolbar real estate with folders - Lifehacker

I feel pretty bad about not blogging for like a week. I can tell by the flood of angry letters that I've been missed. (JK, no one loves me). Actually I'm midway through finals week, and the fact that I'm up this late, finding the time to blog yet some how not finding the time for my pseudo-pop history final (It's some day this week, and he won't tell us what's on it. Also, my teachers southern, adding another thing to the list of "things I hate about the south")
This is totally the angsty Xanga crap I've been trying to stop, but it feels really nice, this post. Just free and natural, like I'm not forcing myself to be all "content" and "stay on topic." I'll see how I feel about this post in the morning, meantime, I posted the above link to life Hacker, because that tip made my day, no my week.

I'd squished my toolbar bookmarks so small that many of them only got two letters (blogger only got 1 - "B") and I still had spillover. Now I have excess space.

PS. I'll have my thoughts on Chronicles of Narnia up sometime this week (or maybe after finals/ college apps are done) I'm finishing my reread of the book. Meantime heres a summary of the review: You'd have more fun slitting your wrists with a rusty razor, pouring salt on the wounds, then being buried in a coffin filled with scorpians and listening to emo as you bled to death.

(we were not amused)


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