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Sunday, November 06, 2005

New York Times Film Business article

Naked Came I
OK, just wanted to post this really interesting article from the Blog Naked Came I. Some of his numbers are a little funny (note that he used the same marketing budget for every movie he talked about) but his basic premise is pretty good: stop making shitty movies and people will see more movies.
But this is only part of the problem, after all it's the bigging of the Oscarbation season, when pretty much every "high quality" movie comes out, mostly to poor box office. Part of this is over saturation, if all the "good movies" come out around Oscar time, then most won't get seen simply because of the number of films out to see, then in the rest of the year there simply aren't any good movies so people don't go to the movies at all. OF course shuffling the debut dates probably won't do too too much for film sales, since most of the "quality/artsy" movies have limited appeal anyways (I mean how many people wanted to see Hotel Rwanda in the first place)
MAybe it should be make fewer shitty movies and give the good ones a chance.
As for the shitty movies, the vast majority of them are adaptations sequals, remakes, or adaptations of of Tv shows. Maybe hollywood needs some original ideas, instead of relying on familiarity to draw people to the theaters. I mean isn't the whole point of going to the movies to see something new and different, not something rote and familiar.
Not too bash adaptations, lots of the "quality" movies are adaptations and remakes, too, not to mention the blighted biopics, which are so routine there's really no point in seeing them.


Blogger Tim said...

As for the shitty movies, the vast majority of them are adaptations sequals, remakes, or adaptations of of Tv shows.

While I share that sentiment, there are plenty of original-idea films out there which also suck. "Good Night, and Good Luck" had great acting by David Strathairn and solid cinematography. But it is complete fiction, and there's relatively little drama due to the fact that Clooney turns Murrow into such a freaking saint.

"Chicken Little" bored me so much, I almost fell asleep in the theater (if it hadn't been for the 10,000 screaming six-year-olds).

I saw "Jarhead," and except for the raging erection every time Jake Gyllenhaal took off his shirt, I thought the movie was pretty pointless. It certainly had nothing to say about the Gulf War!

Yet, "Wallace & Gromit" was inventive, witty, intelligent. And if I may steal A.O. Hunter's line, Gromit's face ranks alongside Buster Keaton and Lon Chaney, Sr.'s as one of the most expressive, loving, soulful faces on film.

And it's a sequel!

November 06, 2005 3:51 PM

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