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Monday, November 21, 2005

New Look

I was kind of sick of stumbling on blogspot blogs that had the exact same design as I did, so I took some time and fiddled with the template to create a new design. Now I know bubkis about HTML, so everything I did was trial and error, but I think it looks alright for a beginner. The old design will be pretty easy to bring back, what with it being a basic Template, so if you, dear readers prefer it the old way, or if I made some aggregious errors in the HTML and it's buggy or doesn't work on explorer (I specifically designed with my browser and monitor in mind, thus the new narrower margins), tell me and I can change it.

Also, every site I looked at gave color in six digits, but Blogger templates use three, so I had no idea what colors I'd end up with when I put in numbers. I settled on black partially because it was easiest. (I figured out that each number refered to saturation of a certain tone, red green and blue, but didn''t want to waste time manipulating it to get interesting new colors)


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