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Saturday, November 26, 2005

iPod Shrine Contest

So the blog Gizmodo is having this build an iPod shrine contest.

But, you may be saying, that shrine isn't at Gizmodo. Damn Right. that's mine. I entered that last night. It doesn't come off as well in the photo so I compensated by over analyzing the symbolism. Here is the text, straight from my submission letter:
I thought the most appropriate material for the iPod would be to show it atop it's slain foes, including the discman, the walkman,, the CD, the tape, the record, the photo album, the floppy disc, the CD-RW, the USB flash drive, the deck of cards (admit it, who'd play real solitaire when it's so easy on the iPod), and it's newest conquest: TV on DVD.

It is also surrounded by five carefully chosen symbols.

1. The apple is pretty self explanatory.
2. Noah's Arc represents the iPods ability to contain seemingly disparate music, like The Black Eyed Peas and Steven Sondheim. (Note the arc is placed on top of the discmen, each of which could only hold one album at a time.)
3. The boggle cubes represent the randomness of shuffle and rest atop a walkman, since the walkman forces you to listen to music in the order the man tells you to.
4. The Swan represents the iPod's sleek, graceful design.
5. The gargoyle represents the iPods shrewd intelligence and it's planned obsolescence (ie. now that the new ooh ahh video iPod has released, my black & white, click-wheel barely a year old, already seems like an antique because of Apples shrewd marketing.)

Alas, this shrine could have been much more ably decorated if I still had the corpses of the five iPods I've had replaced because they'd been fried. Then I could have placed them where now only a symbol stands.
So wish me luck.

PS. Now I'm totally embarrassed, I just noticed all sorts of typos in the e-mail I dashed off at 2 am last night., which I have now corrected.

PPS> non sequitor: if you haven't seen La Dolce Vita yet, do yourself a favor.


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