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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Invasion: the best thing on TV

I've officially decided that Invasion is the best show on TV right now (although I can't speak for shows I've never watched.)
Although I'm not usually a huge sci-fi fan, I gave a couple of the new Sci-fi shows a try at the start of this season (read my reviews here), I've since given up on Threshold, it began inching toward stand alone formulaic episodes really quickly, and the characters really bored me.
Invasion is just getting better and better. I'm about a week behind, I just saw episode 8, and well, it's mindblowingly awesometastic. It takes testicles (big ones) to frame a conflict over one character hiding from another character the fact that she'd been... we're not exactly sure yet, but probably abducted by aliens, without giving much more spoilers, anyway the episode set it up as a fight between a married couple, like any serious fight they might have about the husband keeping secrets. The way they fought, quietly, menacingly, passive aggressively, the way he lied boldly to her over and over again, and tried to patch things up by suggesting they have a baby together, it was just amazingly written, like it almost wasn't a sci-fi show at all. In fact part of what makes Invasion great is that it takes seemingly normal family drama plots and gives them the slightest dash of sci-fi creepiness.
It's walking a thin line right now between being mysterious and annoying, throwing us little crumbs while tantalizing us with the suggestion of a whole bakery of goodness. As long as those crumbs keep getting more substantive, and the characters get more ambiguous (especially creeepy but maybe not so creepy Tom [I think he's actually a good guy]) the show will keep getting better.

Of course I have my critiques of the show, but this is a post about how great it is, I'll nit pick later.

PS. If for no other reason, watch for Eddie Cibrian, pictured above. He's uber hot and occasionally seen semi-naked (ie. showering, remember this is network) or with noticeably bulging boxer briefs. And an episode earlier this season featured a skinny dipping teenage boy, also very hot.


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