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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Inside Higher Ed :: Is College Application Becoming too Easy?

Inside Higher Ed :: Efficiency or Mediocrity?

Let me tell you from the other side of the process, absolutely not.

This article pissed me off so much I don't even know where to begin. It makes me want to smash my monitor if I thought it would send a message to Teddy O'Neill instead of just destroying my monitor.

See Teddy (the article refers to him as Theodore but I refuse to grant him the diginity) thinks that on-line application, especially the common app are destroying college applications.

A good college admissions process “is not like computer dating — it’s like love letters,”

And other pretentious bull shit. The idea that an already pressured and overworked teenager, one who, because of guys like him, is already breaking their back doing college level work, wiling away in all sorts of extra curriculars and taking some thirty hours worth of standardized tests.
And he thinks that what we really need is to fill out all of the stupid little forms (name, age, mother's maiden name) by hand and write different essays for each school, which would quickly add up to dozens of different essays.
Well as a students, schmucks like him piss me off. He has our futures (theoretically) in his hands, and he wants to be treated like a special princess. Bugger off.

Thank god I'd rather slit my wrists than go to U of C. [no offense to my neighbors at the U of C, I just can't stay in the neighborhood/am not a socially inept shut-in like all of you]


Blogger Tim said...

UC....that's funny! In Montana, EVERYBODY goes to either UM or MSU. EVERYBODY.

It's such an insular state.

The very same people you went to elementary school, junior high and high school are now your peers at UM or MSU. Just how does that broaden your horizon? Just how does it make you a better person to be a college junior and have 30 people make fun of you yet again for that time you spit milk out of your nose when you were 7?

I left it all behind. I went to UW in Seattle, and said, "Fuck 'em all!"

It was, next to coming out, the best thing I ever did.

November 11, 2005 7:41 AM


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