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Saturday, November 12, 2005

How to Sell a Movie (or Fail) in Four Hours - New York Times

How to Sell a Movie (or Fail) in Four Hours - New York Times
The New York Times has yet another article on the movie industry. Apparently people only see movies they've heard of, the money's in the DVDs, oh and piracy still sucks.

So basically, same as last time they reported about the film industry.


Blogger Tim said...

I found the stats on the economics of DVDs enlightening. But the rest of this was in Epstein's book (and his column on Salon).

Not news.

I had to laugh at the last two paragraphs. I'm not sure how digital projection is going to affect the economics of the industry. Nor how new forms of delivery (satellite in cars?) will affect the economics of the industry.

Then Leipzig writes:

But the underlying business model of the motion-picture industry has not yet adjusted to the momentum or velocity of change.

Amazingly, Leipzig just tosses out these claims without explaining them. Which made me laugh.

I like Chicken Littles who predict that the sky is falling, only to offer no solutions.

And did you see a single mention about how ABSOLUTELY CRAPPY films are today?

No, me either.

November 13, 2005 8:42 AM


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