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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Gay Actors - Gay Parts?

Pretty much the entire gay blogosphere (what a terrible word, blogosphere) has been talking about the NYtimes article that points out that all the gay characters in upcoming films this year are played by straight actors. I wasn't going to hop on the bandwagon, but well, here I am.
I've been arguing about it over at Naked Came I, you can go read the dicussions if you want, I just thought I'd take advantage of the hot topic and shift it over here.
To summarize the argument:
Tim says that a straight actor, like the stars of Brokeback Mountain, because they are not gay, cannot bring that inherent gayness to a role, just as a white person could not adequitely portray a black character.
I say: Actors are called upon to act like they do things that they don't really do all the time, that's their job. Whether or not a character is actually gay, they can portray homosexuals in the same way they can portray cowboys, murderers, schizophrenics, robots, or hobbits without anybody stopping to point out the inherent falseness in their not being any of those things. Hell Gay-for-pay is one of the most popular genres of gay porn out there.

This is really about a lot of much more complicated issues, like "What is homosexuality?" and "How do you seperate the art from the artist?" Not too mention all the questions about homophobia, stereotypes, celebrity culture, and Hollywood in general. I'd love to keep explaining all my thoughts and opinions on the subject, but I have to read like 150 pages of Anna Karenina tonight, so I need to stay away from my computer if possible. I'll talk more tomorrow maybe...


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