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Monday, November 28, 2005

American Airlines: We Like Gay People!!!!

While, unlike many liberals, I have a healthy respect for corporate America and the thin line they walk between making a profit and not inciting boycotts from Christians, Jews, Muslims, Evangelicals, Atheists, Vegans, loggers, environmentalists, Asians, African Americans, homosexuals, democrats, republicans, labor activists, child safety experts, the FDA, the FCC, the SEC, extraterrestrials and the Illuminati, sometimes they go too far and pander, which sort of sickens me. I find pandering self-important and condescending. Just listen to this:

"American Airlines and American Eagle have a long history of proudly serving the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community."

While I'm glad they haven't been kicking trannies off flights, if you're not either directly catering only to homosexuals (like a gay bar, cruise, or bookstore) or in a field that normally discriminates against us (Churches and the military come to mind), it's not exactly something to be proud of.
Airlines have no idea who their customers are (they can barely remember that I'm a vegetarian, no matter how often I tell them) and they're in no way changing their services to cater to us (pumping Sondheim instead of Muzak, Go-go boy flight attendants... mmmm.... go-go boys), they're basically just desperately looking for a wealthy market to exploit. If rednecks had money and not us, you can bet there'd be a mullet and a beer can on this page instead.

Slight retraction, hidden at the bottom in small print, are their pro-gay credentials:

We know that you have many options to choose from and many airlines to consider - which makes us especially honored to report that in the 2005 Readers Survey by Out Traveler magazine, American Airlines received the most votes as the "gold standard U.S. carrier for hospitality and service."

For our progressive and fair-minded policies and employment practices, American Airlines is the only airline in the nation to earn a perfect 100% score four years in a row by the Human Rights Campaign for its Corporate Equality Index (CEI). We proudly share that symbol with you, too, as a way of underscoring our welcome.

Good for them.

Almost immediately, I'm beginning to feel bad about this post. It's terribly insensitive. Fifty years ago anyone at American Airlines would have been fired and blacklisted for being gay. It's nice that we're past that stage. That doesn't mean I hate shameless pandering.

PS. Thanks to Queerty for tipping me off to this sight.


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