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Monday, October 03, 2005 What Would Tyler Durden Do? What Would Tyler Durden Do?
It's hard not to be curious about something that invokes the great Tyler Durden (the Christ/Anti-Christ leader in Fight Club, one of the greatest films ever made. Also, Tyler is played by the obscenely beautiful Brad Pitt.)
But WWTDD is everything Tyler would hate. Take the post on top, right now, as I read it. To the real Tyler, the only thing worse than even knowing who Anne Hathaway is is caring what she's wearing. Tyler was all about counter culture, or really anti-culture. He was a violently back to nature primitivist. The last thing I can imagine Tyler Durden doing is reading WWTDD.
I, on the other hand, love celebrity gossip and will probably find this is one of my favorite blogs. (That is if it had an RSS feed, I'm too lazy to seek it out)

PS. Shanah Tovah!!!


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