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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Flash:: French Erotic Film or Colin Mochrie versus Jesus H. Christ

Flash: French Erotic Film or Colin Mochrie versus Jesus H. Christ

I never quite understood why the obsession with Colin Mochrie, the Canadian comic and improviser of Whose Line is it anyway (for those who only recognize him as that bald guy in all those flash cartoons), took hold of the community of crappy flash animators. Of all C, D, and E listers, they picked an obscure and unattractive Canuck gets all this screentime now. It's kind of creepy. Although the whole flash animation scene (as highlighted by the catchy example above) is kind of an odd phenomenon. The amateur experimentations end up being a patchwork of our pop culture with neither deeper meaning nor any real comedic value. People watch them for A) the mildly catchy techno/indie music and b) the it-was-kind-of-funny-once juxtopisition of BIll Cosby, Papa Smurf, and the creepy guy who dresses like Peter Pan.
It's an odd phenomenon, I must admit. I also must say that I've been making myself feel very intellegent in analyzing it.

PS. I'll have the Hobbit song stuck in my head all week.
PPS. Ever wonder who writes Frodo/Sam and Elijah Wood/Dominic Monaghan Porn? Check out this fascinating profile in the Chi-town reader and feast on some lovely Theban Band pics. (almost breaks my rule of no porn, if it weren't sot.)


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