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Monday, September 12, 2005

The Spice Girls, a defense

So my iTunes party shuffle just played the Spice Girls song Wannabe (the only spice girls song I have). I listened, expecting to be totally and completely revolted, but I wasn't. I was shocked. This was supposed to be bad bad music. Me and my hipster elitist friends have been deriding this music since it's inception. But it was actually kind of pleasant. I almost, perish the thought, enjoyed it. It was certainly no more offensive than the used-to-be-really-popular-but-now-you've-never-heard-of-them groups from the sixties and seventies (hell probably the eighties, too). I can understand how the wannabe song gets annoying when played over and over again, I probably won't listen to it again for months, and it's not great music and I'm no arbiter of musical taste.
If your wondering why I have it in the first place, I should tell you I'm an incurable packrat (like 12 Ave Marias that are all the same, plus those other Gregorian chants that I never listen to. I mean I'm jewish, I shouldn't be listening to Gregorian CHants) and I take quantity over quality (I have 2700 songs, including the Barbie song in three languages (English, German and Japanese) trust me that is a bad song) Just dig up that old spice girl cd/mp3 you hid put in the attic with the other antiques, and see if it was really as bad as you remembered it.

PS. Don't try to turn this into a gay thing. The two are totally unrelated. I despise Andrew Lloyd Weber and Barbra Streisand. I just happen to have guiltily enjoyed the SPice Girls, it could be worse, like N;Sync (shudder)
PPS Here's what I listened to before and after the spice girls, from shuffle:
Hari Om - Ravi Shankar
It's all been done - Barenaked Ladies
A girl like you - Edwyn Collins (I don't know who this is, my friend put it on my comp
WAnnabe: the spice girls
circle of life - original Broadway cast recording (yes showtunes are gay, so fuck off)
Hey, BUlldog - the beatles
the flower of Carnage - Meiko Kaji (from kill Bill vol 1)


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