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Friday, September 16, 2005

ipod Nano - just too small

I should say, before I go on my rant about the nano, a few disclaimers. 1 I am not a Mac user. Macs drive me crazy. 2. I have recently severed my connection with the cult of ipod, namely when my 3rd one crashed and I gave three hours of my life to the so-called "genius bar" only to have some cromagnon tell me it was going to cost me thirty dollars to replace it. (hear that rant-y tone already?) 3. I do not own, nor I have I used held, touched, or even seen in person this new product. 4. I'm pretty sure I'm coming down with something, so I may not be wholly right in my mind... I'm sick and tired....

Now, why would anybody want something that tiny and insubstantial. It seems like the smaller they get, the easier it'll be lose them, have them stolen, or have them crushed by say, sitting on them or getting angry and pushing the buttons too hard.
You can tell Apple is just treading water right now, they don't have new idea's they're just retreading the old ones until they stop selling. Besides it's size, the nano is in no significant way different from the normal. The mini's were cute cause they were different. But I've just had it with them.

No doubt my opinion would be entirely different if my ipod worked or if say, someone offered me a free one. (hint hint)

If I don't post again for a while it's because I'm a) sick, b) busy with school work, I have tons this weekend (I had to bring home every book in my locker) or c)watching the emmys.


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