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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ask @ IMDB

I've spent a very distracted night reading the fascinating archive of the movie bible IMDB's triple whammy advice column Ask a Filmmaker. It's divided into three subsections "Ask A Writer," "Ask A Director," and "Ask A Cinematographer." Combined, they make a fascinating read. It answers all sorts of questions about film theory, technicality, and the creative process, and also talks a lot about the more "unsung heroes" of filmmaking, Production assistants, camera men, and the like. I'm wracking my brains for questions to ask. My biggest one, besides "Why do people keep hiring Keanu Reeves if he can't act?" might be "how do TV show adaptations get made?"
I mean who was it who thought, let's make a movie of "Bewitched?" Did a writer say I'd like to make this movie based on bewitched? Or did the rights owner pitch it? Or what? I'm mystified. Maybe I'll cut and paste this into an e-mail...

Other news, I'm listening to Sufjan Stevens New album. OK, I have been all night. That guy is amazing. Who cares if he's a Jesus freak. (Can't wait to see what the spell checker suggests for Sufjan)


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