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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I'm a sucker for Oprah Halloween Masks

Click here for Oprah's hat

Oprah Winfrey Mask
Design © Inc.™,Photo � Corbis

That's really all I wanted to say in this post. I love the Oprah. I can't help it... The closest thing I can compare my love for Oprah to is my love for Poptarts. Every molecule of my snarky liberal elitism tells me that it's so wrong for so many clear and tangible reasons, but I love it so much.
DAMN is she good. I'm powerless to stop myself. I watched her talk to Rachel Ray, the most worst thing to happen to TV food since Julia Childs died, and I still liked it. IF my dad hadn't come in and condescended/ told me to go to sleep, I'd be in there now, getting hair care tips from Naomi Campbell. I couldn't be a bigger sucker for the Oprah. And that woman deserves a the. Don't ask why, just obey the Oprah.


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