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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

BTAA - British Television Advertising Awards

BTAA - British Television Advertising Awards
This may be a sign of how much free time I have until school starts but I spent about two hours this morning (partially because of my stop and go connection) watching the winners of the British television advertising awards. These are way way fucking better than American ads. Especially the Garrison Keillor Honda one, the Lynx ad (I think lynx is like axe, but I'm not sure), actually most of the mare really funny. Some are kind of crass (like the one for something akin to the make a wish foundation where the leukemia boy's wish is to urinate of the high dive) and some are quite opaque (like the one where the little chinese girl eats a singing cherry?). Anyway, they can ass kick our ads any day.
I think ads can be art. I mean we can be crass about how corporate they and how it's not art if you're paid to create and told what to do and how to do it. But think about it.. I mean, have you ever been in an italian church? It's the same thing. really, they were hired to paint, and told what to paint, and if the priest (or whoever) didn't like it, then it was changed....
Not of course that all ads are art, I mean, those red neck pride ads for KFC? not art... But we should appreciate good ads as little bite size cinematic experiences. at least try...

rant over.


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