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Monday, June 13, 2005

Why I Believe In God, Or My Little Epiphany

I was sitting in synagogue last night, using my ADD to entertain myself, when I sort of accidentally logicked my way into an explanation for believing in God.

There are no new ideas therefore
Everything comes from something therefore
If we can imagine something there must be something akin to it (or with it's parts, think horse + human = centaur) Therefore
Because we are capable of thinking of God, God must exist, because nothing else in existence even closely resembles god
"I am that I am"

I'm beginning to doubt that this makes any sense, I'd love to debate it with someone, so I encourage you to comment and point me in the direction of any real philosophers who have thought something similar, or to try to disprove me.
The biggest argument against this is the idea that God is a manifestation of the human mind or that the earliest forms of God, which have evolved into the wishy-washy liberal form of deity I don't pretend to understand, were based on the sun and other natural forces which were more powerful than mankind. However, I am not proving the existence of those sun-gods but of that other type of God. I'm still, I think, an agnostic, in that I think the nature of God is unknowable and impossible for a human to even come close to approximating.


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