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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Start spreading the news

I'm leaving today
I'm gonna be a part of it
New York, New York

That's right, I'm going to NYC tomorrow. This almost certainly means my posting volume will drop, if it doesn't then it'll mean I'm not making any friends...

Meantime, as always, check out the podcasts at right. I especially recommend Madge, who yesterday was promoting something I've been saying way before Michael Moore said it on Barbara Walters, namely that Oprah needs to run for president. Winfrey 08!!! Personally I'd like to see her face off against Mel Gibson.

I'm not sure if I'll return or not. It's quite probable I'll simply lose interest, It's happened before at my old Xanga. If you happen to be here and you think it's worth my coming back, I encourage you to leave me a comment saying as much.


Anonymous Zac said...

Sheist...over a month without a post...hmm...did you get into some trouble in NYC? Just thought I'd check up on's been awhile.

July 31, 2005 1:01 PM

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