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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Podcasting vs. Blogging (Me being self hating)

I went looking for some links to put in for tea-bagging in my last post, and believe or not, I ended up with a lot of porn. I also somehow wound up mired in the gay blogging circuit. I didn't find a whole lot interesting. I feel sort of selfish, cause I like keeping my blog here, but I don't really like reading other blogs that much.
Maybe I just haven't found the right ones, god knows I'm looking... Right now I'm more into the media forms that I can take in pseudo-passively. Like podcasts, the nice thing about a podcast is that once I've pressed play I can stop exerting some effort to consume it. I can also play a game, or ride the bus, do math homework, knit, clean my room, cook, even work on this sight. But reading is active, if I'm reading a blog then the only other thing I can do is maybe, maybe, listen to some background music.
It also takes me some effort to read continuously. If a podcast is mediocre, and some, even that I listen to, are, since it's passive I still listen. But a blog, being active, needs to be good for me to read. I tend to skip a lot, or just not be that interested.
OVersaturation. There are millions of blogs. Millions of them. That's a lot of blog to wade through. There are only maybe, maybe 5000 podcasts, it's a lot easier to find a podcast to listen to.
I would read the blogs of anyone who reads my site, but since I don't think anyone does, and none of you have told me I don't have any tips. It's seems my Xanga readers all abandoned me during the switch. Or my subtle shift from more personal to more content based posts alienated them. Maybe I'm forcing the switch unnaturally, and I should switch the content back. Or go out and comment on as many other blogs as possible.
The obvious solution is that I should simply become a podcaster, but I'm going to wait till the how-to book comes back, cause I don't know the first thing about how to set it up. Meantime, it does feel good to write everyday.

PS. If I ever start a hot guy of the week sort of thing, shoot me like ol yeller.


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