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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Male Strippers On Basic Cable, Part 2

Yesterday I promised my review of strip search, proof that Vh1 is scraping the bottom of the reality barrel, and not finding a whole lot. I had the opportunity to watch it today... ehh, not so much.
The hosts, Rachel Perry and Billy Cross, have the same schtick as Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. The sweet pretty-much white girl who thinks everyone's a winner and the bitter, English/Aussie closet-queen who hates pretty much everybody. The guys generally aren't that hot, well, Mr. Cross dismissed a lot of the really hot guys as "too skinny" although most people just didn't have that "special something" he was looking for. How do I know this? Well, Vh1, in it's infinite folly, chose to cover their talent search in two long dull episodes, instead of a quick montage like most non idol reality-shows. (I don't watch Idol, but it's pretty hard to not know about it. I do actually have some standards) the boys are all straight, dumb, hip-hopping punk/gangsta's aka VH1's target audience, so no wonder I find them all insufferable and most of them unattractive.
I am going to give it one more try, partially because with the onset of summer break my time is much less valuable than it once was (last summer I watched the entire 1st season of The OC, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Well... maybe just a little.) but mainly because the upcoming episode shows the show it's more normal routine of 15 hot guys learning how to become strippers. No more "ambushes," open calls, and poorly improvised grinds to the Milkshake song (I hope).

God, I hate myself for even caring about this stuff! What happened to my sense of outrage over Bush and Downing Street et al. Madge made me feel bad for being apathetic on her show today, so now I can plug her podcast and be self-hating at the same time!! Goody

PS. Thank you to the anonymous person who commented. I love comments. I would write you back but I don't know who you are. Everyone else leave comments, too. That will make me happy.


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