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Monday, June 06, 2005

Male Strippers? On Basic Cable? How did I not find out about this sooner? : Shows : Strip Search : Main Page
In a dramatic shift in content from my last post, but hardly a dramatic shift for VH1, there is now a new reality show for male strippers. It's basically Manhunt, without pretending to care about "fashion." Since I only just discovered strip search, I haven't been able to watch and review it yet, but I have some general impressions just from the website. First, it's a lot less... Gay than Manhunt. Manhunt was comfortable with it's feminine side, there was much discussion (in the two episodes I watched before I realized it wasn't worth the fleeting views of near-naked men to rot my mind so thoroughly) of make-up, clothes, et al. Plus two of the contestants were actually gay. really. Strip Search seems to be emphasizing straight men, and based on the promo, it's pretty testosterone pumped (fist fights, wrestling, et al). Ironically, since Strip Search is the one about stripping, Manhunt has way more/ better pictures of hot guys in little clothes. VH1's website sucked.

PS. Am I supposed to know/care who Rachel Perry is?
PPS. Don't dismiss me on this post alone, my last post was actually pretty smart/ not about naked guys... Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for me, I don't wander over this way as often as I should. It really is a refreshing read. Anywho...continue on...and such.

June 07, 2005 1:58 PM


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