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Monday, May 30, 2005


Hello, umm this is a little awkward. Now I feel like I'm cheating on a lover or something. See, for those of you not redirected from over there, I'm switching from Xanga, cause Xanga's crap for 14 year old girls to make inside jokes with their friends.
I like this better already. When I press the control I My Italics come on. At Xanga, that made my history window open. And look, Spell Check! I can spell check, for free!! Hurrah. Since I'm just moving over, I'm going to post my last post from Xanga, earlier this evening. I've rewritten parts so it's less awful. some of my old posts are pretty sad... some of my new posts probably will be too.

From Xanga, Sunday May, 29, 2005

First things first. I take back what I said about Questionable Content's bad dialogue. Turns out, one of the main characters just doesn't use contractions at all, as a conscious choice. That was basically what was bugging me about his dialogue, although it's not amazing. I mean the contraction is one of the simplest ways to write halfway natural dialogue. I mean no one says "I do not want that ice cream. It is too cold. I will have this brownie instead." (not real QC dialogue) People would say "I don't want that ice cream. It's too cold. I'll have a brownie instead." Wasn't that better.
So I spent some time looking for other Xanga's to give eprops, in the hopes of getting some in exchange (please leave some trace of yourself when you visit, sign the guest book or send me an email or something) but it turns out, most of the blogs suck. Either people cnatt' splel ott sve therre lofess or they're really tediously boring or they play music that clashes with my music and I leave before reading them or they're annoying eleven year old girls whose interests are "The Gilmore girls, puppies and Jesus" (Shudder) or they left really great posts and then stopped updating in March 2004 or they use their account to post softcore gay porn. I actually kind of like that last kind, but not for starting any sort of exchange.
While we're on the subject (of increasing readership, not gay porn), can anyone explain to me how to use Technorati I posted the code, but it still says I'm unclaimed and I'm mystified by the technobabble in the tag section. What does RSS/atom mean and what's pinging and all those other mysterious technology words and why do they explain themselves so badly (or am I just too fucking stupid). I should really learn how to design web pages. I have this image of the future where knowing html (or is html becoming obsolete, I don't know I think I heard that somewhere but it's probably not true.) will be as important as knowing how to spell or take a picture. But since I know nothing I use Xanga and have no readers.
Also, I'm getting really interested in Lucid dreaming, after listening to the Viking Youth Power Hour, one of the smartest podcasts out there.


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