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Tuesday, May 31, 2005 Just how little I know about the net

I'm still really unclear on how I'm supposed to be using I tried to find some how-to stuff, like John Udell's sort of helpful and very interesting explanation , but I'm still pretty hazy. His site gave me the impression that you do book mark you're own stuff, so I've done a couple of my posts. But I feel kind of weird and unsure if I'm doing the right thing. I guess it's partially because I'm no good at self promotion, tooting my own horn, to resort to cliche. But I also don't want to do it wrong and look or feel stupid. For example, My last post, about A Feast for Crows. I myself tagged books and fantasy because that was the main subject and Gay, because that came up in the second part of the article. I immediately regretted "gay" because it seemed mostly irrelevant since the post not gay focused, but more gay when going off topic.
On the other hand, if people come here to tell me I'm a retard for how I'm bookmarking my own pages, then at least I know what I'm doing wrong and that people are reading. I'm mostly posting this as a disclaimer; if it is like socially unacceptable to bookmark my own posts. But, I mean, no-one else is, so...
That wasn't meant to be an awkward plea to the five people who are going to visit in the next 24 hours, don't feel pressured or anything. If any of you know more about this than I do, I'd love to have some questions answered though.

Fuck, I swore I wouldn't get all needy and here I am being needy. I'm sorry. I'll go back to intelligent posting tomorrow. I swear.

PS. I won't bookmark this one, cause I really don't feel like it. IN the mean time, I bookmarked George's site and vidlit's, which will both soon be in my sidebar. Whenever I'm not feeling lazy/tired/apathetic/discouraged. Or maybe never. It's the thought that counts.


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